Mila Schön

HQ Address
2 Via Montenapoleone Milan, 20121 Italy
+390 02 76001803 +390 02 781480
Mila Schön

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Founded by Maria Carmen Nustrizio Schön

Belongs to Mariella Burani Group

Today the Mila Schön Group has become an empire with boutiques not only in major Italian cities such as Milan, Florence and Rome, but all over the world. Extremely selective standards have been adopted for foreign markets where the Mila Schön label is widely distributed. The house of Mila Schon is now owned by the fashion group Mariella Burani. Several young designers have worked at Mila Schon in recent years. A design trio of Myler, Citron and Piaggi were there but moved on to Byblos. Mila Schon herself supervises the designs of the house she founded. The present designer is Marc Helmuth who presented his first Mila Schon collection for Spring/Summer 2003 in Milan in September 2002. Mila Schon, at the age of 85, still presented her own show.