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15 Rue Du Faubourg Saint-Honore Paris, France
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Founded by Jeanne Lanvin

Belongs to Harmonie S.A.

When Lanvin died in 1946, ownership of the firm was ceded to the designer's daughter, who shared management of the firm from 1942 with a cousin and then a fashion-industry expert. Because Marie-Blanche de Polignac was childless when she died in 1958, the ownership of the House of Lanvin went to a cousin, Yves Lanvin. (See Directors and Officiers Since Jeanne Lanvin below.)

The company has shuttled from here and there, beginning in March 1989 when Britain's Midland Bank bought a stake in the company from the family. The bank brought in Léon Bressler to revamp the firm's faded image. However, February 1990, Midland backed out and sold Lanvin to Orcofi, the French holding company led by the Vuitton family. From Orcofi, 50% of the House of Lanvin was acquired by L'Oréal in 1994, 66% in 1995 and 100% in 1996. Under L'Oréal's far-too-diverse umbrella, an array of CEOs who circulate within the French fashion industry directed the company.

August 2001, Lanvin, the oldest fashion house still in operation, was taken private again by investor group Harmonie S.A., headed by Mrs. Shaw-Lan Wang, a Taiwanese media magnate. And, October 2001, Alber Elbaz was appointed the Lanvin artistic director for all activities, including interiors, and he has conducted his responsibilities in a highly personal, hands-on manner.

Since September 2001, the house of Lanvin has been an independent company. The desire of the owners is to return this major French name to its former prestige and to make it once again a flourishing enterprise.

Since its establishment, the headquarters of the

Jeanne Lanvin firm have been situated at 15 and 22 Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris , a street famed internationally for its standing in the luxury market.

More than 200 employees work on this site across the four major activities that are women's prêt-à-porter, men's prêt-à-porter and tailoring and accessories.

The Lanvin perfumes' are under Inter Parfums licence.

There will be a new licence for the watches.

Lanvin's notoriety extends well beyond France . The brand is a reference for French luxury across all continents in terms of perfumes as well as fashion.This reputation goes through subsidiaries in Asia – Japan , Hong-Kong and Taiwan .

In the Middle-East, Lanvin, with its men's products and perfumes, is the leading brand in the majority of countries in which it is implanted.

In USA and in Europe , Lanvin's presence never ceases to increase across multi-brand sales points and celebrated department stores.

Throughout the globe, over 300 men and women, representing a heritage and a savoir-faire, transmit their energy and passion to bring Lanvin firmly into the 21 st century.