Daryl K / Kerrigan

HQ Address
21 Bond Street New York, NY 10012 USA
+1 212 529 8790
Daryl K / Kerrigan

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Founded by Daryl Kerrigan

Belongs to Daryl Kerrigan

In 1991, she set up shop in the East Village.

She now has a Daryl K line, her main line, and a diffusion range K 189.

In London, her clothes are seen at Browns and Harvey Nichols stores.

Her Fall 2001 show was held in a massive warehouse on West 26th Street, in New York.

Just prior to this, the Leiber group (then called Pegasus Apparel) acquired her Daryl K and K-189 labels.

When the luxury fashion group decided to stop distribution of her Fall 2001 collection and closed her stores in New York and Los Angeles, Daryl Kerrigan refused to lay down and die. She repurchased the rights to her name and launched her label once again with even better results than it had the first time around.

Her offering for Fall 2003 included affordable basics and more refined pieces. She is recreating herself with a sexy, superfocused collection.

In 2004 she also reopened her store in New York, which she lost two years ago. She is now back at Bendels and Barneys and the whole fashion world is cheering for her.