Anna Molinari

HQ Address
Via Borgospesso, 21 Milano Italy
+39 02 784694
Anna Molinari


Founded by Anna Molinari

Belongs to Blufin Spa.

Anna Molinari is a further line of Blumarine which was created in 1995. Anna Molinari is designed by Rossella Tarabini, Anna Molinari’s daughter. Rosella Tarabini proposes a new conceptual style; resulting from her constant search for innovation and experimentation, in which great attention to sartorial details and fluidity of the lines, express great sensual femininity withholding any exhibitionism.

In 2002 a new Anna Molinari boutique opens in Beijing.

In November 2002 a trip to Japan: Tokyo and Taipei to host fashion shows of the Anna Molinari line with broad coverage and positive reactions by the local press and media.