Ally Capellino

HQ Address
9 Calvert Avenue London E2 7JP UK
+44 020 7613 3073
Ally Capellino


Founded by Allison Lloyd and Jono Platt

Belongs to Allison Lloyd

Jono Platt and Allison Lloyd set up “Ally Capellino” in London in 1979. Ally Capellino originally sold hats, jewellery and accessories and started designing womenswear in 1980.

The collections are presented in London, the first catwalk show was 1986. The first boutique was opened in 1988, in London.

In 1987 the firm signed a licensing contract with the GCO Company in Japan, which aimed to achieve optimum positioning of the label in terms of retail, public relations, and advertising exposure. This was followed, in 1988, by the opening of the Ally Capellino store in Soho, London, which developed into an emporium for clothing, childrenswear, and lifestyle items.

Several lines in the 1980's and 1990's were launched, Menswear in 1986, Sports line called "Hearts of Oak" in 1990, Minimum Capellino, children's line in 1991 a unisex range of t-shirts, in 1993 and the Difussion line in 1996. In 1997 a new store in Chelsea, London was opened.

In 1992 Ally Capellino signed an agreement with Coats Viyella, Britain's largest textile company, to promote and market their brand name and give them access to Coats Viyella's design and production facilities, among the most advanced in technological development in the world. In return Ally Capellino would bring a more fashion-oriented handwriting to the business through by acting as design consultants. This would, in turn, hopefully avert the criticism aimed at British clothing manufacturers for producing unadventurous products.

In 1999, the Capellino Design ltd. was set up and the same year the Accessories line of mens and womens bags and belts were launched, which has been very successful.

A new studio/showroom in Shoreditch was set up in 2002.

The "A for Ally Capellino" line of tailored separates, denim clothing, knitwear and evening gowns, is sold at Debenhams and 30 other up-scale Stores in the U.K. Furthermore there are also licensing arrangements for the garments in Japan.

In November 2005, a new shop at 9 Calvert Avenue, London E2 was opened.