Allegri Milano

HQ Address
Via Stendhal, 36 20144 Milano Italy
+39 02 4225631
Allegri Milano


Founded by Allegri Family & Orlando Italy

Belongs to Allegri Family & Orlando Italy

The Allegri Milano line offers coats that are intelligently designed, and perfect for daily work or travel. The dynamic sportswear line consists of fitted sporty jackets, both long and short, pea coats, bombers, raincoats and trench coats with minimalist and functional design. A project between nature and design, the line features cotton silk, cotton linen and silky cotton materials, as well as intelligent synthetic fibers like the Military Summer Nylon, a comfortable polyester canvas.

The line is designed by Studio Mauro Ravizza Krieger - a design studio based in Asti, Italy, which also created pieces for Halston and Loro Piana.