A. V. Max

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60 W 38th St New York, NY 10018 USA
+1 212 216 0600 +1 212 216 0611
A. V. Max

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Founded by Amy Vennema

Belongs to Amy Vennema

A.V. Max is a jewelry company that was started in 2002. Ever since their inception, they have worked hard to offer new designs at good prices. Their jewelry is sold in quality retailers such as Anthropologie, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus through Mail Order, Girlshop.com, Kitson L.A., and Henri Bendel. A.V. Max is also sold at a number of boutiques nationwide and has worked closely with some private label brands in order to create collections. These are collections that have managed to not only fit with seasonal styles and trends but also compliment the fashion identity of A.V. Max.

In addition to being sold in prestigious stores, A.V. Max jewelry and accessories has been featured in many high profile, style related monthly magazines. These magazines include Vogue, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Lucky, InStyle, Elle, and Marie Claire. A.V. Max is well known for being in front of the fashion curve each and every season. The brand has a talent for spotting trends and then translating them into beautiful, chic, and wearable accessories. A.V. Max products are carefully hand made by skilled artisans that reside in the heart of New York’s fashion district.