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9 Doughty Mews WC1N 2PG - London UK
+44 0207 916 4501

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Founded in 2010, 1205 focuses on the quality of the cut, fabric and proportion.

Designed by Paul Dzherbas, men's and women's collections constantly evolve in 1205 in excellent intellectual and purposeful aesthetics.

Working with highly specialized factories in England, France, Switzerland, Italy and Japan, Central St Martins graduate Gerbase explores demanding reduction in tactile fabrics to introduce strict vision forms captured through precision and technology.

When asthma in women's clothing at Central St Martins, Gerbase Realizing creative freedom that would facilitate mastery of technique. This led to six years in Seville Row, where it plunged into a lost world crafts strict and absolute attention to detail.

Immediately after his time in Seville Row, Gerbase launched in 1205, received almost instant attention from the most prestigious stores in Japan, including the United Arrow, Isetan, Beams market and Dover Street. Quickly go around the world stocks of finished products such as Browns, 10 Corso Como and Net A Porter and attention from respected international publications, 1205 was awarded the NewGen 6 consecutive awards and a nomination for the prestigious British fashion.

Gerbase eye to detail, unyielding architectural aspects and uncompromising ability to transform complex seemingly simple continues to intrigue and 1205 led a cult following among those in the know.