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Luca Boukari - Creative Director (+) People and craftsman of modern fashion. The first skills he was in the company of family, later adding remeslennycheskye techniques of modern trends in the production of fashion. Luke inspired fabrics and collects images of "iconic clothing", everytime Rethinking them and finding something special for the new collection of the brand. Straight denim - once dense and coarse fabric - a workshop (+) People transformed into a masterpiece of style, which did not have against the rich and famous.

His first enterprise Luke Boukari opened in 1995, when started producing apparel for adults and children. In 2009 he decided to start the (+) People. Fashion experts immediately recognized in Boukari new denim genius and his creations have become very popular.

The first collection, which consisted of 20 items, was addressed to women. Texas Jeans and a shirt with a logo (+) People pay attention to the exquisite cut, details, first-class quality fabrics. Then came the men's line. Today, under the brand (+) People produce a wide range of suits, trousers, shorts, jackets, skirts and blouses, tunics, suits, jeans and coats.

Luke Boukari never tires of repeating that he draws inspiration in vintage things Rethinking and transforming the once fashionable models, giving them new life, and with it - turning fame. Cargo chic - a phrase most accurately describes the collection of the Italian brand, as well as the effect of aging, which became the hallmark of the brand.

We say that (+) People loves to tell stories of real people, translating them into clothes. And it's true. For example, a collection of spring-summer 2014 is dedicated to the Roman barber of Antica Barberia Peppino. Hairdressing dumped on the art of tailoring, every movement scissors or razor is essential. And there is no room for error.

All products (+) People in developed and prepared blessed Italy that loves and adores literally Signor Boukari, each collection sings the old artisan traditions of the peninsula.